Eminent Biosciences provide Next Generation Sequencing Service for Whole Genome Sequencing, Exome sequencing, RNA Seq using

Eminent Biosciences - EMBS provide support to health researchers involved in Clinical/epidemiological research.

We extent our services to Envirormental Biotechnology, Microbiology, Metagenomics, 16SrRNA/18S rRNA sequencing and Microbia

Apart from our we provide industry driven training and project for research students in their academia for preparing their

Eminent Biosciences offers a broad range of Microarray analysis ranging from basic quality control, differential gene expre

Microarray Analysis Support.

Microarray Analysis Support.
Eminent Biosciences - EMBS,offers a broad range of Microarray analysis ranging from basic quality control, differential gene expression analysis extending to biological pathways and mechanistic studies. Microarray Data Analysis Services for Gene Expression data is generated from any platform such as Agilent, Illumina, Affymetrix etc. Differential Expression of the Microarray Data (.CEL) would be analyzed using various bioinformatics algorithms.
Our Microarray Services Includes
  • RNA isolation and QC.
  • Target labeling, hybridization, signal detection and data analysis (CGH)
  • Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
  • Location Analysis (ChIP-on-chip)
  • Methylation
  • miRNA Profiling
Microarray Data Analysis

We provide all microarray platforms supported Agilent, Affymetrix, and Illumina. Our Data analysis includes

  • Data quality assessment.
  • Data normalization (RMA, MAS5, loess).
  • Differential gene expression analysis, including pie charts and clusters, reporting of observations for CGH & CNV arrays.
  • Enrichment analysis for chip samples, miRNA detected in easily variable spread sheets.
  • Determination of differential gene expression by ANOVA and fold change.
  • Clustering Analysis (Hierarchical, K-means, Self Organized Maps, etc.)
  • Function and Pathway analysis for statistically significant genes.
  • Pathway Enrichment Analysis, Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis, MetaCore Network Analysis.
Custom Expression Array Analysis

Custom Expression Array Analysis enhanced understanding of the biological implications of their study. Custom analysis may include.

  • Gene expression and genotyping arrays for plant, animal and microbial genomes.
  • Including whole-transcript expression, exon analysis, ChIP-on-chip, transcript mapping, SNP discovery, 3' expression, resequencing, and whole-genome genotyping.
  • Advanced Biological Interpretation.

Eminent Bioscience will support our client for Microarray Data/Next Generation sequencing data/SNP data/ Genome/Gene sequence data to Public repositories such as NCBI/EMBL/SRA/ENA/DRA etc. We also support our client for Data analysis, Research Methodology/Results and discussion andPublication of research paper in International Journals.