Eminent Biosciences provide Next Generation Sequencing Service for Whole Genome Sequencing, Exome sequencing, RNA Seq using

Eminent Biosciences - EMBS provide support to health researchers involved in Clinical/epidemiological research.

We extent our services to Envirormental Biotechnology, Microbiology, Metagenomics, 16SrRNA/18S rRNA sequencing and Microbia

Apart from our we provide industry driven training and project for research students in their academia for preparing their

Eminent Biosciences offers a broad range of Microarray analysis ranging from basic quality control, differential gene expre



Eminent Biosciences - EMBS, the leaders of modern Bioinformatics - since 2008, with proven quality, service, and commitment to the scientific community at large. In order to provide complete sequencing solutions, from sample preparation to advanced bioinformatics analysis, Eminent Bioscience has utilizes the latest technologies, and expert scientific personnel. EMBS, the most promising In silico lab provide solutions to core Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray Data analysis, Clinical & Epidemiological Data analysis, Metagenomics, Microbial Informatics, Clinical Bioinformatics/Computational Biology/ Computational Chemistry etc. We use innovative ideas in advanced algorithms development in top notch Software/Database development for research in Life sciences and Pharma Industry. We offer advanced Bioinformatics solutions for every application to assist researchers in the analysis of the vast amounts of Microarray data, Next Generation Sequencing Data, Clinical/Epidemiological data, Metagenomics etc. We strive to provide research solutions in a timely manner with uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency. Our Services includes.