When I thought to jump from biotech to Bioinformatics, I was afraid that whether I will be able to coop in the field or not, but when I joined the EMINENT BIOSCIENCES, for learning basics of bioinformatics, i took the best step to groom my career, I learned not only the basics of bioinformatics like Clinical Genomics, Toxico Genomics, Structure Alignment, Molecular Modeling, 2D/3D QSAR, Molecular Docking etc. etc. but I have learned how to use these tools in the research also.

Rajesh Patidar

NCBI,(National Institute of Health),Bethesda, USA
MS, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

I chose to do an Internship to get experience in my field of study. I was not sure what I wanted to do, so I thought some real-life experience would help solidify my future endeavors. Bioinformatics is such a broad field of study. There is so much you can do with this degree. I was a Bioinformatics summer intern at the Eminent Biosciences. My duties included learning and exploring Bioinformatics softwares/tools and worked on a live real time project. Later my project has been published in an International Journal. I would advise every student to do an Internship from Eminent Biosciences.


Saarland University,
Saarbrucken, Germany.

Hi I am Priya and I have joined Eminent Bioscience as a trainee under BCIL Bioinformatics Industrial Training Programme (BIITP). It was a great opportunity for me to develop my skills under the guidance of Dr. Anuraj Nayarisseri. During this training period I got chance to explore different bioinformatics tools, programming languages and Softwares which has helped me in enhancing and developing my concepts. As I had worked under the guidance of a great mentor, he has helped me throughout training period.

Priya Tolani

Research Trainee.
CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology(IGIB),
New Delhi, India


When it comes to computational Biology,there are a few people in India who have expertise in using Bioinfo algorithms and also have a really strong background in codings,utmost requirement to enter into research and development of new protocols and new algorithm design.Eminent Biosciences is the hub for every Bioinformatician.

Jyoti Kataria

Mtech Biotechnology
IIT, Mumbai, India.

I am Rohan Wishard, studying in BSc I year at SoftVision College ,Indore. When i had joined Eminent Biosciences during my first semester , i was not knowing anything in Bioinformatics. I had only some bookish knowledge, good only to score in an exam .But practically i knew nothing about the various commercial softwares used in the industry.

Rohan Wishard

Research Scholar.
Indian Institute of Science(IISc)
Bangalore, India.