I really want to thanks my mentors and also eminent bioscience to build my skills of bioinformatics much stronger and i am happy that now i have a proper vision that towards which area i have to concentrate for my research work .
Thanks to Eminent Bioscience.

Ritika Sharma

Grand Valley State University,
Grand Rapids,Michigan USA.

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Mr. Anuraj Nayarisseri, Eminent Biosciences. After completing my Bachelors in Microbiology, I was exploring my prospects in the field of Bioinformatics and was introduced to Mr. Anuraj. I carried out a research project in drug designing under his supervision. The skills I acquired during this project have helped me for the better. It enhanced my knowledge and also shaped up my career. I wish to congratulate Eminent Biosciences for its success and wish the very best for future endeavours.

Krithika Sundaram

Research Assistant
Monash University,

Eminent Biosciences a team that truly helps students like us to achieve something extraordinary out of good results. Having joined them i was able to learn things though which i knew a little about the actual reason behind these techniques i was not aware off. Having undergone training with this very institution a whole new horizon of computational biology was now unlocked. The trainers here have focused on every subtle bioinformatic information and applications in detail, be sequence analysis or drug designing, they have not left any stone unturned.

Altaf Ali

Research Scholar,
Human Genetics Department,
Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

I have known Dr. Anuraj Nayarisseri since past 3 years, when I approached Eminent Biosciences for some Bioinformatics analysis. He has exceptional knowledge and skills in R-programming, Omics and keen interest in Clinical/computational Genomics, Microarray Data analysis, Epidemiology Data analysis, Next Generation Sequencing Data analysis etc . He has many international publications to his credit in reputed journals. I would prefer Eminent Biosciences for any kind of Bioinformatics support in future as well.
Thank you

Dr Pragya Rathore

Head, Dept. of Biotechnology
Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science, INDORE.
Hello all I am Uday Raj Akare. I have joined Eminent Biosciences for Industry training program in bioinformatics through BCIL/DBT in 2013. Basically I am from Biotechnology background. I was unaware of the computational biology and its applications in biology till I joined Eminent Biosciences. Through my training I have learned basic and some advanced applications and tools which is really interesting and helping me in shaping my ideas. I owe regards and thanks to faculties at Eminent Biosciences for supervising me and directing me to prosperous future.
Uday Raj Akare
BCIL/DBT Trainee at Eminent Biosciences,
Asst. Professor, Christian Eminent College, Indore.